Parents as Partners

At Little Haven Nursery we believe that the parent is the first and foremost teacher in her/his child’s life. Parents are the prime educators until the child attends an early-years setting or starts school and they remain a major influence on their children’s learning throughout the nursery and beyond.

The nursery and parents both have crucial roles to play. We believe a child’s growth potential is a result of parent and teacher partnership. Little Haven Nursery provides ample opportunities for parent involvement and workshops.

Furthermore, we continue to involve parents through themed events (i.e. mother’s day concerts, national day celebrations, graduation events), newsletters, emails and an open communication between you and your child’s teachers through the use of communication books and meetings.
All children are observed by their key practitioner regularly to track their development. Parent teacher meetings are conducted twice a year and you will receive a written progress report at the beginning and end of each academic year.